We offer customizable turnkey wellness programs with yoga classes, guided meditations, guest speakers, health coaching and more. We have you covered on everything from instructors, to yoga mats, to even your office snacks! Book a free consultation today or email us for more information. 

YOGA + meditation classes

Our classes inspire happiness, positive energy and productivity in the workplace. Classes are suitable for all ages, all body types, and all levels of experience. Practicing meditation at work creates space for creativity, less stress, and more focus. With proper training, anyone can meditate. Book a trial class now or email us for more information. 

signature CAT nap classes

NASA scientific studies show that 20 minute naps can improve concentration by up to 34%. Power naps enhance mental agility, improve health, and boost work performance, but most people don't know how to turn their brains off and enjoy a nap, or they make the mistake of sleeping too long and wake up feeling exhausted. Our experts guide you into a perfect meditative state of rest and rejuvenation. Book a trial class now or email us for more information. 

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