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Daybreaker CHI // FANTASEA

daybreaker chicago


🎶 “Be our fant ta ta SEAAA.” 🎶 One epic Mermaid and Unicorn party comin’ right up. 🦄

On Wednesday, September 26th, it’s imagination and self-expression to the max. We’re channeling every legend of mermaids, mermen and unicorns that ever existed and creating a sharknado of fun.🦈

Meet us on the dance floor, dressed in anything mermaid-esque, ocean vibey or with a unicorn flavor. Bring your floaties and let’s get glitterfied as we rise with the tide. And if there’s something you haven’t been quite sure if you should rock or not 🤔 …. doooooo it.

Let’s kick off the fall in full expression of ourselves.

See you on the dance floor.💃

PS! HUGE GIFT. 🎁 For this event, every ticket includes a copy of BELONG by Daybreaker Mama Bear, Radha Agrawal. This is her how-to when it comes to creating your dream tribe and finding meaningful friendships. 🙏 You will lurve it. Normally BELONG is $20, so srsly, this is such a gift you won’t find anywhere else.

// Wednesday, September 26th
// Yoga by Cat Aldana
 5:30 - 6:30am (please bring a yoga mat!)
// Dance Party 6:30 - 8:30am
// Secret Location  — to be revealed soonly
// Free Seedlip Drinks, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits
// Free breakfast bites, cold brew coffee, healthy juices + more
// GET TICKETS HERE — Tix movin' faster than the ocean's current. 🌊

daybreaker chi fantasea