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Digital Detox

We know we’re on our phones too much. We know we shouldn't scroll mindlessly on Instagram right before bed. We know staring at a screen too long can't be good, but we do it anyway. If you have a million reasons why you must respond to every email or why eating lunch at your desk is the only solution to getting all your work done, consider adding a meditation practice to your routine to help you stay balanced and focused despite all of life’s distractions. More than ever we need to learn how to create an oasis of calm to escape to, where we are just “being” rather than “doing.” In this era of multi-tasking, being able to focus on one thing regardless of anything else going on around you is a truly priceless skill to have. 

Step back from the noise and reward yourself to a window of time to learn how to tune into what really matters: you, your body, your mind and your complete and total wellbeing. Join Cat Aldana in an intimate two hour yoga class and guided meditation at Flex Pilates Chicago to help you reach greater productivity and longer stretches of true happiness. All levels welcome.

Date: Sat. March 12th
Time: 4pm-6pm
Cost: $60
Location: Flex Pilates (213 W Institute Pl)

Earlier Event: February 18
Later Event: April 23
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